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Want to go to Vegas but need a good deal? Well, you’re in the right place. Here at, we have deals with major casino / hotel operators so we can offer you room prices you won’t see online, and book you in direct.

On top of that, if you like to gamble, we deal direct with the host team on site to get the best possible value for your play, in terms of getting your room, food and beverage, and even air fare comped (paid for by the casino) if you play enough.


Helping you get there and experience Vegas as it should be!

Vegas …. Sin City, home to some of the best shows on earth, one of the best club scenes around, pool parties that’ll blow your trunks off and every kind of gambling known to man.

If you’re thinking of heading to Las Vegas, you’re in the right place. is your one stop shop for discounted hotel bookings, hotel reviews, show updates, info about what’s new and what’s changing, and anything else you might want to know to get the best out of a trip to Las Vegas.

We can also set up the huge nights Vegas is famous for, from setting up your VIP table at the hottest club to advising you how best to kill off that hangover with a day out on the lake, a session shooting off machine guns or anything else you can think of!


Hosted Corporate Groups

If you’re taking a group of clients or high performing colleagues to Las Vegas, it can be a pretty intimidating place, and you’re going to want to have everything run 100% smoothly.

That being the case, we can provide a host for you in town, to co-ordinate everything from the limo from the airport, to pre-checked in rooms, to navigating the right people to talk to, to ensure your party doesn’t have to queue to get into the clubs.

There’s pretty much nothing we can’t handle, so if you want platinum level service just let us know and get in touch at

Friends Groups

Maybe you and your buddies have been talking about Las Vegas for years, but have never quite got around to getting everything set up, and maybe it’s a little unfamiliar and you’re nervous about overpaying for clubs, or missing out on some of the must-do things in town.

We can get you the best room rate you’ll ever see, and great group rates for any excursions you might fancy, like helicopters to the Grand Canyon, the best shows in the world, indoor skydiving, or world class clubbing and anything else you could imagine.

Don’t feel intimidated by Vegas, we can walk you through everything you need to get the best out of your trip and Do Vegas Right! Just email

Stag And Hen Parties

What better place to celebrate the imminent doom of another friend than to head out to Sin City and have one last blowout before they vanish into a normal life of 2.4 kids and a mortgage?

We can set up everything you can imagine for the trip of a lifetime, and make sure you get the best out of your trip from start to finish. We can recommend hotels, clubs, pool parties and other experiences to suit every budget and make sure you come back knowing you’ve ticked every Vegas box.

Just drop us a line at


First time in Vegas?

Ok, so, you’ve never been to Sin City before?  That’s ok, we’ve sent plenty of people over there who are in the same boat, so no need to be intimidated.  Here are a few things to think about :


A little bit of advice

It’s tiring. Vegas is hot pretty much year round, and coming from Europe you’ll be jet lagged. Add in the availability of lots of booze and late nights, completely against your body clock, and it takes its toll. Don’t feel you need to see everything all at once.

It’s expensive. If you’re going to stay on the Strip then get used to getting stung for everything. Realistically, if you’re not going to take at the very least $1000 of spending money for a week, (not counting your hotel costs) you you need to be looking at bargain basement accommodation – think Linq or Bally’s – and gambling is going to be tough

It’s not Big! It’s HUUUGE!

Everything’s a long way away, but that doesn’t matter. You can easily end up walking nearly a mile just getting from one casino to the one next door by the time you’ve got out, along the Strip, and in again.

If you’re not going next door, you want to be using a cab or Uber. The good news is, these hotel resorts are huge, and have everything catered for.

Pretty much anything you want is right there in, say, Caesars Palace so other than a bit of variety, you don’t need to go somewhere new every day.

It’s a Vegas Thing

Tipping is US standard, which is to say, expected. 10% or a close number for cabs, 15% minimum for a restaurant meal, a couple dollars per bag for bell desk service, and a dollar or more for the “free” drinks you get while playing – a lot of the service staff get paid pitiful hourly rates, and rely on tips. Don’t be that guy who doesn’t tip as a principle…

On free drinks for players, it’s still universal that table players drink for free, and most slots get the same treatment.  Be aware that some video poker machines now need you to turn over a certain amount of money before they either spit out a comp drink ticket, or a light comes on for the barman to tell him you’ve earned a freebie.  The days of just sitting at a bar, sticking $10 in the video poker and expecting a free drink are fast disappearing.

What happens in Vegas…

Yeah, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, and it’s a freewheeling kind of place, but there are still laws. Drugs may not be so tough to get hold of, but they’re still illegal, and you don’t want to get arrested. Prostitution, while absolutely rife, is also illegal in Clark county (where Vegas is located), although legal a few miles away in Pahrump county. If you get too drunk, you’ll end up in trouble too – we’ve all seen the Hangover movie, but while Vegas is more tolerant than many cities, it has limits.


September 2018

Vegas Unwrapped sorted out my hotel room at a much better rate than I could have found myself online, and were able to get half of my room costs comped off as I had a flutter on the dice table while I was in Vegas. I can’t recommend them enough

Bryan Dickie


A few faqs and did you knows

Over the years I have been asked several questions time and time again. I want you to benefit from my experience and knowledge so that your trip is special and tailored to your needs and wants. There are loads of little wrinkles to be aware of in Las Vegas, too many to list here I guess, but we will add to this list as we get more and more repeated questions


What’s the best view in Vegas?

No doubt, the Voodoo Lounge at Rio – the 50th floor bar looks across the Strip (rather than down the Strip, like the Skyfall Lounge at Delano or the Stratosphere) and is staggering.

Head there at sundown, first checking there’s not a private function, for a pricey drink with an unbelievable view

What makes a big player in Las Vegas?

You’d be very surprised how low the average gambling spend is in Las Vegas. If you spend, say, $1,000 during a trip on gambling, and you use your loyalty card so the casino knows about your play, you’ll already be into the territory of getting some “comps” – the casino paying for stuff for you, starting with discounted rooms.

Where’s good to eat?

Literally everywhere. Many of the best restaurants in the US are in Las Vegas, and the scene changes constantly.

There are plenty of awesome places to eat, so to find out what’s currently hot just ask us! We can point you in the direction of the right restaurant for you.

What’s the loyalty card all about?

You simply go to a loyalty centre in the casino you’re staying in and get a card printed out.  Whenever you’re playing any machine, stick the card in, and if you’re playing table games, hand the card over to the dealer.  This means the casino can track your play, and that’s how you earn comps and get offers in the future.  You’d be surprised how quickly they add up.

Have you ever won Big

(Vegas Unwrapped founder Paul replying) Personally, depends on what you call big. I once hit a $4,000 Video Poker jackpot while I was waiting for a friend – that led to quite a night out, as you can imagine. From my days working in UK casinos, I’ve seen people win over £100K, and memorably once saw someone in a top end casino in London lose £850,000 in 45 minutes. Looked like he could afford it though …

What’s the deal with taxis and Uber

There are cab stands everywhere, and that’s partly because it’s illegal for them to pick you up on the street, you can’t flag one down. They do have a well deserved reputation for “long hauling”, so be aware of where you are and where you’re going. Uber is ubiquitous too, and if you’re going anywhere off Strip or downtown, be sure to have an Uber account, if you’re somewhere obscure you may struggle to get a cab to come to you”